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Every ABS Client can expect:

  • Increased recoveries and improved performance mean a greater cash flow.
  • A strong partnership with a priority focus on making the right approach to yield success. We operate more like a hospital than a billing company; a systemic strategy with proven results.
  • Interoperability: adaptable solutions to integrate with any and every system in the healthcare industry.
  • Guaranteed customer service satisfaction from your dedicated client services rep assigned specifically to your account, so you know who to contact at all times.
  • Full operation from top to bottom: letters, call handling, & payment posting. We do it all so you can focus on running your facility.
  • Complete access & transparency: benchmark reporting on performance in real-time, custom reports.
  • A commitment to compliance. Our Director of Compliance monitors and scores calls to ensure quality and minimize complaints.
BBB Accredited Business
PCi DSS Compliant
HIPAA Compliant

ABS (Accounts Billing Service) provides customized billing solutions that will dramatically improve the recovery of the patient portion of medical accounts. Our solutions reduce internal patient billing costs, decrease days in receivables, identify charity and bad debt, increase patient account cash flow, and free up your resources for productive insurance follow-up.

As an extension of the hospital business office, we use a variety of value-added protocols to provide your patients with the same level of service they know and expect from an office visit.

Customized Billing

ABS offers First or Third Party Billing. Bills can be sent in ABS’ name, the facility name, or a combination of the two, using multicolored, customized billing statements. If you have a question, any of our onsite credit consultants, as well as your account representative, are readily available.

We handle every aspect of the billing process: from letters, to call handling and payment processing, we take care of every step so you don’t have to worry about it.

ABS also works with our client partners to help identify patients who qualify for charity. We can take care of any financial application processing and maintain that it falls in line with 501r compliance.


We understand that not every office operates the same. At ABS, we are nimble, yet agile, with the ability to create adaptable solutions to ensure interoperability at every level. We offer flexible, customized billing protocols designed specifically for your needs, and at a competitive price, including contingency and flat rate service offerings.

In addition, you will also receive flexible data transfer and custom programming for electronic account referral at no additional cost.


We believe compliance is the cornerstone of our business, and we pride ourselves on that. Not only do we employ our own Director of Compliance, but we also record and store every incoming and outgoing call, which can be provided at your request.

We ensure all of our agents are trained and compliant with HIPAA Laws and regularly monitor and score our agents’ calls for compliance and quality.

Not only do we proudly maintain 501r compliance internally, we also provide 501r training for non-profit hospitals.

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for being our partner in the early out and collection business. Knowing I have people that are professional to get the job done makes my life a lot easier.”

Derek Dennison, CPA, MBA

Director Patient Financial Services/Corporate Compliance Officer
Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

“We’ve been utilizing ABS as our early out vendor for several years now and they have been an excellent partner for us. They do a great job servicing our accounts and we receive very few patient complaints, which makes my job easier. When we started our relationship with ABS, they were willing to come to the communities that we serve and provide job opportunities for our patients and that’s something that makes a difference to us and the people that we serve.”

John Snodsmith

Appalachian Regional Healthcare


Healthcare Affordable Repayment Plans

Patients who are financially unable to afford high deductibles or rising self pay balances can use the Healthcare Affordable Repayment Plans (HARP) to finance those obligations. HARP is offered as an extension to ABS in an effort to increase your opportunity to generate and recover revenue. Learn how this program works and how it could benefit your hospital or other healthcare organizations here.

Less than 20 second wait times for a live representative
Caller complaints make up less than 0.0005% of monthly patient interactions
More than 46% of revenue generated is returned to clients within the first 30 days
79.9% of installment agreements are paid in full
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