We recover the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, using any and all legal means possible.


We recover the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, using any and all legal means possible.

Compliance: Internal Audits & Compliance Training

Patient Advocate Philosophy: Firm, Fair, & Friendly

Accessibility: From Your Rep to the CEO, You Have Access Anytime

Reporting: Instant Access to All of Your Accounts with our Client Portal

Knowledge & Experience: Over 65 Years of Operation

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Every CBS client can expect:

  • A strong partnership with a priority focus on maximizing returns in the shortest amount of time possible, by any and all legal means necessary.
  • Guaranteed customer service satisfaction from your dedicated client services rep all the way to the CEO. Get the accessibility you need with accountability you can trust.
  • All efforts put in place to recover your debts will be fully compliant and internally audited for quality assurance.
  • Access reports on any of your accounts via our secure client portal and monitor stats in real time.
  • A trusted staff that is HIPAA trained and tested, FDCPA and FCRA certified.
  • Services adaptable to ANY file transferring software with an average turnaround of 7 days.
  • A robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place in the event of a disaster.

We have custom interfaces for data transfer from every major hospital billing system in the U.S. as well as electronic remittance, patient account notes, and electronic account cancellation file transfers to those systems. We have extensive experience using:

Soarian Clinicals

Think of us as a virtual extension of your office.

Our Collection Services Division provides customizable third party primary debt collection services in a way that fits your needs, with an emphasis on performance and client services.

Collection Services offers a complete line of consumer and commercial collection and early-out services custom fitted to meet your company’s needs. Our commission added, zero-cost collection services incorporate our full range of products, experience, collection knowledge, tools, technology and professional staff, along with an aggressive representation in legal matters.

Early-Out Services

As an extension of your business office or billing department, this service features a series of soft collection letters and phone calls in either your name or in the agency’s name requesting payment arrangements prior to the referral of the account to Credit Bureau Systems, Inc. This patient-friendly service is typically a fixed rate price designed to recover easier accounts without damaging your patient or customer’s credit history.

Commission Added Zero Cost Collection Services

As the cost of providing goods and services and extending credit continues to rise, credit granters and healthcare providers are seeking ways to reduce and defray billing and collection expenses. For many businesses, it’s a matter of survival. We have designed a unique, signature service for our clients who wish to recoup their collection expense from their delinquent and defaulted customers or patients. Our Commission Added Contingency Service is fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and places the cost of collection on the debtor rather than our client thru contract law and state & federal statutes.

Our reputation for proven results has allowed us to grow from what was originally a local collections service, into a regional, and now national, entity. Our Collections Services Division promises to deliver the highest quality service, and the results to back it up.

ACA Certified
FDCPA Certified
PCi DSS Compliant
CDIA Certified
HIPAA Compliant
BBB Accredited Business

IT Capabilities

Our IT team is dedicated to the safe and efficient transfer of your information. Data backups are performed daily to ensure continuity, and they are additionally replicated off-site for Disaster Recovery purposes.

Our software system provides a secure portal for you to generate and view critical reports, view details on specific accounts, and view any account representative comments on an account.

We leverage one of the most reliable third party acounting and audit firms to test our operations for compliance. We are certified by both Payment Card International (PCI), as well as Service Organization Controls (SOC) through routine, independent audits.

PCi DSS Compliant

Litigation and Post Judgement Recovery Services

We understand the ethics and principles of professional collections and maintain a proper balance between persuasion, positive motivation, fair negotiation and an appeal to consumers to do “the right thing”. We also understand that not everyone responds voluntarily for a variety of reasons and that there is a necessary and appropriate place for litigation in collections.

As your agent, we are affiliated with collection law firms in every state in the U.S. who represent our clients and their right to be paid for the goods and services they render. Our contingency rates cover all costs associated with litigation including attorney fees and filing fees.

Billing & Collections translate to lower retail prices

That recovery by debt collection agencies translates to an average savings of $389 for every U.S. household.

Billing & Collections revenues enable care givers to remain viable

Total A/R patient balance inventory under management in 2016 – $2.176 billion.

Billing & Collections is labor intensive but vital

An estimated 51 million American adults (one in five) will be contacted by third-party debt collectors about medical bills.
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